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This Year's Project: Impacting our Community

About Our Organization

Teen Challenge isn’t well-intentioned religious behavior modification—it is true transformational life change.  


What is Adult & Teen Challenge:  Adult & Teen Challenge is a nationwide organization that has been successfully offering people freedom from addiction for over 60 years!  It is the largest and longest continuously operated group of addiction recovery centers in the world, with over 250 centers in the U.S. and over 1,250 centers worldwide.


Beatrice Women’s Center:  Our Beatrice Women's Center opened in 2017 and is now home to 12 women.  This year we expanded our program to include a transitional living facility for students who complete the program.


Our Program:  As a resident of Adult & Teen Challenge Beatrice Women’s Center, our women are involved in group classes, individual study, personal mentoring, work ethic training, and serving in the community. We help women become emotionally healthy, physically well, and spiritually alive.  


Our Success:   Many studies completed over the years have found that an astonishing 78% of graduates from Adult & Teen Challenge addiction recovery centers remain sober and substance-free post-graduation!  Because of its success, the program has been recognized nationally by President Ronald Regan and President George W. Bush.


Community Impact:  Adult & Teen Challenge has significant impact on local communities.  Before entering the program, many women are often unable to care for themselves or their children.  After completing the program, hope is restored to our women and their families. Solid positive relationships within the community are established and restored women and their children become contributors to our community. Adult & Teen Challenge also participates in community projects, outreaches, and work projects. 


Current Project: Impacting our Community

The Campaign – Impacting our Community


     Our vision is for each student to become a healthy and productive member of our community.  Ashley, Sage, and Shantell are just a few of our completed students living out that vision today. 

     Three years ago, Ashley was addicted to heroin and her life was spiraling out of control; Shantell was drinking every day and had left her husband and her children; Sage was homeless and hopelessly addicted to meth. 

     Since entering the doors of Teen Challenge and completing our program, Ashley, Sage, and Shantell are a picture of how God not only transforms lives through this program, but also impacts entire communities by turning broken women into capable mothers, excellent employees, and productive members of our community.  Today, Ashley has been with Landmark Snacks for over 2 years and was recently promoted to Lead Roll Stock Operator; Sage is a Shift Manager at Arby’s and is a positive role model for other young people; Shantell’s marriage has been restored and she is competently leading her children to a better life.  None of this is possible without your help.


The Need


     The average monthly cost of “treatment” in Nebraska is between $5,000 and $25,000.  With greater success rates, our program costs are substantially lower at approximately $1,500 per month; however, most students come to Teen Challenge after losing their families, homes, jobs, and possessions due to their addiction. Very often they don't have the money to cover their own basic needs, much less the expense of getting the help they so desperately need.


The Reason


     As a faith-based organization, we don't receive monetary assistance from the government, are unable to take medical insurance, and rely solely on the consistent contributions from board members, businesses, churches, and other individuals and organizations who have seen the truth of this radical transformation.

     We invite you to partner with us—not only as a donor during Big Give Gage but also as a part of our community. We welcome you to come and grow in relationship with us and our students.  Relationship that enriches each individual life. The beautiful thing about Teen Challenge is it isn’t just the women who receive transformation--it has the propensity to impact an entire community.


Past Projects


    Shantell and Theodore both grew up in what you would consider a normal American family.  Both had two parent homes, both grew up in small town America.  However, both struggled with deep wounds that would lead them to abuse drugs and alcohol.  As a result, their lives spiraled out of control which left their home and children in crisis. Their story of RESTORATION is highlighted in our video below.

    Today more than 23 Million Americans admit to having a substance abuse disorder, and those are just the ones who admit it.  If 23 Million Americans admit to having a substance abuse disorder, how many American children live in homes where one or both parents abuse drugs and alcohol? The estimated number is 1 in 7 children in America.  

    This year our world was rocked by the COVID pandemic.  Americans from every walk of life want to come together to be part of the solution—as we should.  We have spared no expense to develop a vaccine and a cure—again, as we should!  But what about the epidemic of substance abuse?  What about the more than 170,000 Americans that die every year from drugs and alcohol?  What about the children left behind?   What can be done for this EPIDEMIC? YOU can help!

    For over 60 years, our alcohol and substance abuse addiction recovery program has provided long-term recovery for tens of thousands of individuals. We are an answer to this epidemic.  Shantell’s story is just one of the many success stories of women who have come through our Beatrice Women’s Center.  When YOU partner with us, YOU help to change lives. 

    We are committed to providing low cost programs, but there are many costs involved in providing training, lodging, meals, and staff. With the cancellation of our annual fundraising dinner and an inability to fundraise in our typical face to face manner, we are facing a shortfall. 

    By partnering with us, YOU can help save the lives of not just our women but their children as well, and be part of RESTORING GENERATIONS!


  • 3 Student Scholarships

    The average cost for each student to participate in our program is approximately $1500 per month. This includes housing, food, utilities, staff, insurance and curriculum. In order to provide our program at no cost to those who need it most, we rely on the donations of individuals, businesses, churches and foundations. Providing a student scholarship allows us to provide the training and resources to equip one person to walk in freedom for the rest of their lives. Please consider providing HOPE and changing the face of our community one healthy mom at a time.

$30,595 Raised of $50,000 goal
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99 Donors
Legal Name: Teen Challenge of the Midlands, Inc.

25478 S 23rd Road
Beatrice, NE 68310

(402) 250-2628

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