Barneston Rural Volunteer Fire Department

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Barneston Rural Volunteer Fire Department

This Year's Project: Supply adequate personal protective equipment for our volunteer firefighters

About Our Organization

The Barneston Volunteer Fire Department was formed in 1956 to serve the small town of Barneston and the immediate surrounding area. Since then the department has transformed into the Barneston Rural Volunteer Fire Department serving not only the town of Barneston, but also the surrounding area including the Village of Liberty 8 miles away. Our department consist of 21 volunteer firefighters, 5 rural board members, 3 grass rigs, 1 engine, and 1 tender tanker.

Current Project: Supply adequate personal protective equipment for our volunteer firefighters

Our project is to provide our volunteers with the proper personal protective equipment to protect them, and make sure they can effectively and efficiently perform their duties when called upon to protect members of our community's lives and property. It's 2021, as much as we all wish we could roll back time 20 years, we can't. Unfortunately 20-25 years is the average age of gear our members are wearing when they respond to a scene. As our gear has aged, the fire ground has also matured. Fires today are burning hotter and faster than ever before. To put it into perspective 30 years ago if you were to wake up to your smoke alarm sounding off you would have had an estimated time of between 15-20 minutes, depending on multiple factors, to safely escape the house. Today studies show that time has been significantly reduced to around 3-5 minutes tops. Along with rapid progression times, studies have also shown that fires today can produce up to 100 times as much toxic smoke as a fire would have 20 years ago. The main factors contributing to these statistic changes are the changes in modern manufacturing. Furniture in todays homes is made out of synthetics, plastics, and petroleum based products, compared to years past when furniture was made out of natural products such as wood and cotton. Unfortunately the nice oversized comfortable recliners we all like to kick back in at night, when on fire are pouring toxic carcinogens into the atmosphere around them in the form of smoke and invisible gas, which is then absorbed into the skin of the firefighters trying to extinguish the blaze if they are not properly protected.. There are two leading causes of death among firefighters today. Cancer and heart attacks. And that is why it is our department's top priority to replace our heavy outdated turnout gear that was designed to protect firefighters from the fire elements of 20 years ago, with proper gear that has been strategically designed to protect firefighters from the advanced danger of fires in 2021. Total estimated cost to replace all department issued turnout gear is around $70,000. With your generous donation towards our goal of $15000, no matter how big or small, you would be contributing to helping put nearly a quarter of our firefighters into gear they can rely on to protect them not only from the flames of the next fire they respond to, but the health hazards that will be associated with that same fire several years later in their lives.

$750 Raised of $15,000 goal
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Barneston Rural Volunteer Fire Department

110 Grand Avenue
Barneston, NE 68309

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