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This Year's Project: THE NEED TO FEED - Beatrice Backpack Program

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VERY SIMPLY ... PEOPLE GOTTA EAT!  The program is focused on nutritional needs of the most needy families in our community. Food-filled backpacks are sent home each week of the school year to supplement food for the weekend.  The program grew by an additional 25 in 2020 to now serving 125 families. COVID 19 has put additional strain on many of our at risk students and their family finances.  

Current Project: THE NEED TO FEED - Beatrice Backpack Program

The Beatrice Backpack program sends home 125 backpacks with elementary aged children from their schools each Friday of the school year. All of these children are on the free lunch program. During the week, they get free breakfast and free lunch at school, but then when they head home for the weekend their shelves may be bare. There is a direct correlation between learning ability and hunger. Try to imagine doing your job each day if you have hunger as a distraction. All funds raised stay in the community and are used to purchase food for the backpacks and vouchers for perishable items. All other items are donated or volunteer based. The food is purchased with the purchasing power of the Lincoln Food Bank and delivered to the school in bulk. Volunteers pack and distribute the food. The program currently costs around $40,000 each year.  With your donation, we hope to continue to serve these needy families.

Past Projects

$4,185 Raised of $3,000 goal
$0 $3,000
40 Donors
Legal Name: Beatrice Educational Foundation

320 N 5th
Beatrice, NE 68310

(402) 223-6398

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