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This Year's Project: CASA of Gage County

About Our Organization

CASA is a National Association that began over 40 years ago. There are currently 22 Nebraska CASA programs serving 36 counties. Gage County has been serving abused and neglected children since 2015. CASA of Gage County provides services to youth in Adams, Barneston, Beatrice, Blue Springs, Clatonia, Cortland, Filley, Holmesville, Odell, Pickrell, Virginia, and Wymore and serves ages newborn to 19 years of age and from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The mission of CASA in Gage County is to advocate through the court system for the best interest of children identified as abused and neglected through the recruitment and training of committed volunteers.  We strive to ensure a safe, secure, and nurturing environment for each child and that each child has a voice as their future and care is determined. We are committed to the quality service of the CASA program to teach advocacy and the importance of providing all children a voice. Our volunteers closely follow the issues affecting children and families in the community. CASA volunteers report to the judge and advocate for the child’s needs. CASA collaborates with many programs to put services in place, and facilitate movement through the system so that children achieve permanency as quickly as possible. CASA volunteers often visit the child at their school, talking to the teachers, school counselors, and teacher aides. Judges report the impact of a CASA volunteer is most pronounced in  “promoting long-term wellbeing”, “appropriate services to child and family” and “Psychological well being” 


The generosity of the community will help our Gage County CASA program support the children we serve in Gage County.

Let's keep working together to change the lives of children! “Children are one-third of our population and 100% of our future.”

Big Give Gage Funds raised this year will be used to assist and support the children in our local community:

  • purchasing training materials for volunteers
  • contributing to our volunteer appreciation events
  • Purchasing items of need threw out the year to the children we serve in our community
  • Your generosity can help in many ways

*We will be selling shirts through j boutique! All proceeds will go towards the CASA of Gage County program! Order NOW through September 10th:

Current Project: CASA of Gage County

“Children are one-third of our population and 100% of our future.”

Making a gift to the Gage County CASA program is one of the best ways you can amplify your impact and reach kids in need. Please consider donating and changing the lives of children in your local community. 

We know the difference your gift will make — because we’ve seen it happen. There are children in the community who need an extra smile and with YOUR help we will be able to help the children in Gage County. CASA children have many needs throughout the year. This year we will use the Big Give Gage funds to help purchase gift cards such as phone cards threw out the year so separated families stay connected and other items/gift cards needed for the children we serve in Gage County ages newborn to 19 years old.  For some of us, gift cards can conjure up images of an impersonal gift or the choice to buy for when you don’t know what else to do. This couldn’t be farther than the truth for our foster youth. Gift cards are nice for these young adults because most of them have led lives that did not offer them many choices. Having the chance to pick out something that is a luxury that most of them have not had many opportunities to experience. You get to give them the gift of choice. Your generosity can help a child smile. With this year's Give Big Funds CASA will use the funds threw out the year to help put smiles back on children's faces.

$3,000 Raised of $2,000 goal
$0 $2,000
22 Donors
Legal Name: Southeast Nebraska CASA


(402) 806-2546

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