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This Year's Project: Donkey Pen Renovation

About Our Organization

Sweet Haven Farm & Sanctuary is a small, family-run nonprofit corporation located in rural southeast Nebraska with 501 c(3) tax-exempt status. Sweet Haven was created to provide shelter, care, and love for farm animals that would otherwise be used for commodities or be culled because of health problems or disability, old age, or not being good breeding stock.  We saw the need for a home for animals that weren't deemed "useful" but also weren't considered "pets" when we took in our first goats several years ago, one of whom was very old and lame, the other sterile. Lilly and Elsa goats were the first members of the Sweet Haven family, along with Leonard, our large guardian dog, who watches over everyone.


Now, we care for nearly 60 farm animals (from donkeys and pigs to hens and cats), most of them rescues or with special needs, and some just needing a safe home. We hope to keep growing as we are able. Every dollar that is donated to our sanctuary goes directly to expenses for our animals’ feed costs, veterinary care, and the building and maintenance of shelters and fenced pastures and paddocks - the labor it takes to care for our animals is given freely. We never breed animals, sell animals, or profit in any way by the animals in our care, we consider them family.


We believe all animals deserve healthy, happy lives with as much freedom and fresh air as possible, and we feel privileged to be able to give our animals the best lives we can. 

Current Project: Donkey Pen Renovation

We have three mini-donkey friends here at Sweet Haven, and each is special - but Tru the donkey is our extra-special girl because when she came two years ago, her feet were in terrible condition. She had obviously been foundered at some point, which probably caused the overgrowth of her hooves, and her last family had been unable to have her seen to by a farrier, which is why she came to us. Her hooves had grown out until they were shaped like bananas, curling upwards, so that she wasn't walking on a hoofbed at all, but just on a curved hoof. She could barely get around, each step was difficult. We've worked to get her feet into better shape with the farrier but because of her history with foundering and prior hoof problems, she is vulnerable to infection each time our lot gets muddy. We want to pour a cement pad for Tru where she can stand in wet and muddy weather and keep her feet dry. We also want to install a water hydrant in the donkey pen so that we can clean off the cement pad when it gets soiled and wash out her hooves more easily, rather than having to take her out of her pen each time her hooves need cleaned. We hope this will make Tru's life easier and happier. Running a water line from our current well and installing a hydrant has been something we've wanted to do for almost two years, and the concrete pad seems necessary after a spate of infections for Tru this spring and summer, but the cost of these projects is far beyond what we can currently afford to fund with our regular donations. It would be wonderful if we could raise enough to make these improvements possible. 

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