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This Year's Project: Finding Common Ground

About Our Organization

The Resolution Center helps people find common ground by facilitating conversations and negotiations. Whether in conflict, turmoil or need to have a group work together efficiently, The Resolution Center helps people look at a situation through a different lens and discover an outcome that is unique to the situation.

Our Mission:
Facilitating conversations and negotiations to find common ground that establishes the best possible outcome, unique to every situation.

Our Vision:
Transforming conversations to build stronger relationships and communities by fostering a greater understanding of one another.

Our Values:
Honesty, Integrity, Positive Communication, Respect, and Trust

Current Project: Finding Common Ground

Past Projects

  • Mediation Awareness, Case Expansion, and Affiliate Recruitment

    Mediation Awareness: 

    The Resolution Center provides a wide variety of mediation services in Gage County including but not limited to; Parenting Plans, Divorce, Child Welfare Facilitation, Elder Services, Special Education Conferencing (at no fee), Estate, Small Claims (at no fee), Neighbor/Fence Dispute, Juvenile and Adult Victim-Offender Conferencing, and Truancy Facilitation. 

    Case Expansion:

    The Resolution Center is a primary source of mediation services available to parties in Gage County when they are unable to pay for services or need access to a sliding fee scale that takes into account their level of earnings. 

    Affiliate Recruitment:

    Mediators come from various backgrounds, experiences, and ethnic groups. Trainings to become a mediator are held throughout the year through the Nebraska Mediation Association.  If you are interested in becoming a trained mediator or affiliating with The Resolution Center, contact us at 402-223-6061, or


  • Youth Restorative Justice

    Growing up is hard. Parenting is hard. Teaching is hard. Restorative Justice (RJ) allows students, parents, and school staff to come together to talk through problems that may be happening, such as missing school or getting in trouble. Talking it through is helpful in dealing with all the stuff that goes along with it. Results happen when everyone has a voice and is involved. The Resolution Center manages the conversations so that everyone can have a voice and be a part of developing a solution. Youth and their families are provided RJ services at no cost.

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The Resolution Center

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