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This Year's Project: Community Teaching and Commercial Kitchen

About Our Organization

Food4Hope has a mission to put nutrient-dense, home-cooked family meals back on the kitchen table.   We are champions of the farm-to-fork style of eating.  Simple, wholesome, local, clean foods are best!  We have been a part of the local food scene for the last eight years and we love Beatrice!  Through our strong ties to the community we have learned that people are not just hungry for fresh, local food but they are also hungry for education in nutrition, culinary skills and life skills.  Because we want life to be delicious we are building a local learning lab for life skills.



Current Project: Community Teaching and Commercial Kitchen

We are all about delicious, local, clean food!  We are currently in the process of creating a community teaching and commercial kitchen.  Phase 1 is complete and phase 2 is underway!  Our projected grand opening is Spring of 2022!  And we can't wait to serve Beatrice some of the best tasting food around!  We will be preparing, cooking, and delivering meals as well as hosting food classes for adults and children.   Farm-to-fork!  Delicious, local food starts here.

Benefits of a Community Kitchen

There are many benefits to Community Kitchens including that they:

  • increase access to healthy meals
  • help the community to develop life skills such as growing of fresh food, budgeting, meal planning, cooking and social skills
  • support members of the community to connect and start new friendships



Past Projects

  • Community teaching and commercial kitchen

    Our farming operation has grown successfully over the course of seven years, enabling us to provide farm-fresh products to community members and organizations via our large garden, orchard, berry patch, free-range chickens and pasture-raised cattle.  Over the years, we've ventured into providing value-added products, such as preserved foods and baked goods.  We have also learned through our strong ties to the community that people are not just hungry for fresh, local food.  They are hungry for education in nutrition, culinary skills and life skills.

    With this is mind, we have been working hard to build a community teaching and commercial kitchen on our property.  This labor of faith and love was initiated from our desire to provide help and support to individuals looking to learn safe food preparation and preservation methods, to gain invaluable life skills both in and out of the kitchen and to get more family meals on the table throughout our community.  We've seen firsthand the transformation that can happen in a person's life when they are equipped to make better nutrition choices for themselves and those in their care.

    Community Teaching and Commercial Kitchen Objectives:

    • Help community members of all ages and backgrounds grow, find, afford, choose and use healthy foods to enhance their quality of life.
    • Strengthen the connection between area food system leaders and educational and health care professionals working to improve the lives of community members.
    • Support fellow local food professionals by providing access to a commercial kitchen in an effort to improve the health of our people, our economy and our environment.

    Our building project to provide a local learning lab for life skills is currently underway!  We are raising funds through the Big Give to outfit the community teaching and commercial kitchen with appliances and supplies.  Thank you for supporting this worthwhile project!

  • Post harvest production area, community kitchen and resource center.

    UPDATE!  BREAKING NEWS!  The top donor to Food 4 Hope during the Big Give will receive an exciting airplane ride over Beatrice!*

    Having a post harvest production area and community kitchen and resource center is vital to the long term vision we have for the local food movement in Gage County and the surrounding area.  This facility will allow Food4Hope to reach the fullness of our potential and maximize the impact we have on our community. The community kitchen will be a food hub networking the local community with cooks, growers, students and others interested in the local food movement. It will also be a place where people are taught about quality food, from nutrition, to growing, preparing, preserving, and beyond. We will be a food hub for the area where people in the community can come to cook, store, and learn about food and food systems. It will be a place to educate on healthy food preparation from scratch. Education efforts will target adults as well as children.


    Our goal is to raise $25,000 for phase 1 of this project.  The major items included in Phase 1 of our project include:


    • Plumbing - $6500 trenching and installing in and out plumbing

    • Electric - $1500 upgrading and updating the electrical system

    • Propane - $2000 installing 500 gallon tank and pipelines

    • Concrete flooring - $5000 foundational floor work

    • Walk-in cooler/freezer $10000 (used) The walk-in cooler/freezer will give us more food storage space, which in turn will give us the ability to plant more, harvest more, produce more food and feed more people.


    *Minimum donation of $500 to qualify for the airplane ride




$4,830 Raised of $5,000 goal
$0 $5,000
35 Donors
Legal Name: Food4Hope of Nebraska, Inc.

12134 W. Belvedere Rd.
Beatrice, NE 68310

(402) 306-7561

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